2006 Venice Workshop

Religion and Politics in the US and in Europe

Panel: E.J. Dionne, Walter Russell Mead, Card. Angelo Scola, Karsten Voigt
Chairman: Gianni Riotta

Dealing with High Oil Prices and Natural Gas Shortages in an Uncertain Global Energy Outlook

Panel: Lee Raymond, Paolo Scaroni, Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Alison Smale
Chairman: Philip Stephens

Towards a New Media World

Panel: Paolo Gentiloni, Johannes Mohn, Eli Noam, Marco Tronchetti Provera
Chairman: Bill Schneider

Italy after the Elections

Panel: Vittorio Merloni, Pier Carlo Padoan, Umberto Ranieri
Chairman: Moisés Naím
Keynote Speakers: Jim Hoagland, Bernd Pfaffenbach, Strobe Talbott