2004 Villa d'Este Workshop

Strengthening Credibility in the Market Economy: Ethics, Transparency, Risk Assessment and Regulation

Panel: Enrico Letta, Charles Niemeier, Stefano Preda, Peter Sutherland
Chairman: John Rossant

The Growing Costs of an Aging Society. Public and Private Roles in Developing a Sustainable System

Panel: Tito Boeri, John Joyce, Karl Lauterbach, Alicia Munnell
Chairman: Reginald Dale

The United States in an Election Year

Panel: Jim Hoagland
Chairman: Michael Calingaert

A Wider Europe: Economic, Institutional and Geopolitical Consequences

Panel: Jim Hoagland
Chairman: Michael Calingaert

State Building and Burden Sharing in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and the Middle East

Panel: Carl Bildt, Philip Gordon, Antonio Martino, Adrian Zaccaria
Chairman: Gianni Riotta

The State of Transatlantic Relations: an American View

Keynote Speakers: Chuck Hagel, Franco Frattini, Jeffrey Shafer