2002 Villa d'Este Workshop

The Current Italian Outlook

Speaker: Domenico Fisichella

After the Recession: Prospects and Conditions for Economic Recovery in Europe and in the US

Panel: Mario Draghi, Paolo Fresco, Moisés Naím, Jeffrey R. Shafer
Chairman: Angelo Tantazzi

Privacy vs. Security: the Dilemmas Posed to the Western Free Societies by the Increased Concerns about Security

Panel: Franco Frattini, Stefano Rodotà, Nadine Strossen, Richard Thornburgh
Chairman: Gianni Riotta

American Politics after 9-11: a Neo-Conservative Moment?

Keynote Speaker: William Kristol

The New Geo-Political Outlook of the Middle East: the Role of Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Panel: Gilles Kepel, Bernard Lewis, Edward L. Morse, Stefano Silvestri
Chairman: Shireen T. Hunter

The New Geo-Political Outlook of Europe: Russia and the two Enlargements

Panel: Giancarlo Aragona, Robert E. Hunter, Karl Kaiser, Grigory A. Yavlinsky
Chairman: Sergio Romano