1999 Villa d'Este Workshop

Drafting a Balance Sheet of the Century. Budgeting for the Next

Panel: Gianni Agnelli, Enrico Letta, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Arthur Schlesinger, Robert Zoellick
Chairman: Paolo Garimberti

Life on the Net: Electronic Commerce, Privacy and Legislative Implications

Panel: David Aaron, Elio Catania, John Mogg, Stefano Rodotà
Chairman: Robert Kaiser

The Contagion of Economic Crises and its Impact on Global Corporate Strategies

Panel: Michael Armacost, Paolo Fresco, Yoichi Funabashi, Jeffrey Shafer
Chairman: Moisés Naím

Economic Interests and Strategic Imperatives in the Gulf and the Middle East

Panel: James Baker, Lamberto Dini, Lucio Noto, Stefano Silvestri
Chairman: Andrea Mitchell

The New European Scene the Day after the European Elections

Panel: Marta Dassù, Dominique Moïsi, Theo Sommer, Helmut Sonnenfeldt
Chairman: Giles Merritt