1998 Villa d'Este Workshop

The East Asian Crisis: Are New Rules of the Game Needed?

Panel: Fred Bergsten, Mario Monti, Shijuro Ogata, Mario Sarcinelli
Chairman: Karl Kaiser

The New Fabric of World Trade Fifty Years after the Inception of GATT

Panel: Augusto Fantozzi, Renato Ruggiero, Jack Welch
Chairman: Richard Gardner

Where Does Europe End?

Panel: Bülent Eczacibasi, Bronislaw Geremek, Robert Hunter, Josef Joffe
Chairman: Thierry de Montbrial

The New Issues of Global Security and their Consequences for the Private Sector

Panel: Jules Kroll, Ronald Noble, Federico Stella
Chairman: Gianni Riotta

The Growth of the Italian Stock Market in a Phase of Turmoil in the Global Financial System

Panel: Paul Horne, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Alessandro Profumo, John Wall
Chairman: Gianni Riotta
Keynote Speakers: Thomas Friedman, James Mann, Fabrizio Saccomanni