1997 Villa d'Este Workshop

Fifty Years after the Marshall Plan: Looking Ahead

Panel: Gianni Agnelli, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, Armin Laschet, Arthur Schlesinger, Robert Zoellick
Chairman: Lord Roll

Looking Ahead: the Dollar - Euro Relationship

Panel: Otto Graf Lambsdorff, William McDonough, Fabrizio Saccomanni, Jeffrey Shafer
Chairman: Paolo Garimberti

Looking Ahead: Business and Governments Face Globalization

Panel: Joschka Fischer, Paolo Fresco, Dana Mead, Jan Timmer
Chairman: Moeen A. Qureshi

The United States: the Successes of a Half Century and Some Still Open Questions

Panel: Laura D'Andrea Tyson, E. J. Dionne, Lawrence Korb
Chairman: Gianni Riotta

Italy: Between Reform of the Welfare State and the New International Competition

Panel: Sergio D'Antoni, Giorgio Fossa, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, and Giulio Tremonti
Chairman: Lucia Annunziata
Keynote Speakers: Giuliano Amato, Dominique Moïsi, Edward Mortimer