1992 Villa d'Este Workshop

The Sovereign Republics of the Former Soviet Union and the Birth of a Commonwealth: Political-Institutional Frameworks and Economic Survival

Panel: Alec Nove, Sergio Romano

The Emerging Democracies of Central and South-Eastern Europe between Nationalism and Integration

Panel: Norbert Kloten, Dominique Moïsi

The Role of Western Governments and International Institutions as Regards Economic Developments in Central and Eastern Europe

Panel: Leon Brittan, Priscilla Rabb Ayres, Mario Sarcinelli

The Business Community Faces the New Situation in Eastern and Central Europe: Monetary Reform and the Transition to Market Economies

Panel: Gianni Agnelli, George Soros, Derek Thomas

The State of the European Community after the Maastricht Summit: Implementation of the Next Far-Reaching Step toward Integration and the Emerging Problem of an “Enlargement” of EEC

Panel: Riccardo Perissich, Renato Ruggiero, Helmut Sonnenfeldt

The State of Relations between Europe, the United States, and Japan under the Impact of Domestic Constraints and International Challenges

Panel: Harold Brown, Karl Kaiser, Yoichi Funabashi
Chairman of the conference: Arrigo Levi
Keynote Speakers: John Brademas, Kevin Phillips