1996 Villa d'Este Workshop

Integration, Interdependence and Competition: Regional and Global Dimensions

Panel: Charles de Croisset, Paolo Fresco, Giuseppe Vita
Chairman: Renato Ruggiero

The European Union: the Florence Summit and Beyond

Panel: Gianni Agnelli, Boris Biancheri, Mario Monti
Chairman: Edward Mortimer

Italy after the Elections

Panel: Beniamino Andreatta, Massimo D'Alema, Domenico Fisichella, Giuliano Urbani
Chairman: Dennis Redmont

Leading the World to the Year 2000

Panel: Edouard Balladur, Thomas Foley, Andrei Kozyrev, Felipe Lampreia, Hisashi Owada
Chairman: Peter Sutherland

Are the Future Costs of Social Welfare Sustainable? The Experiences of the US and Western Europe

Panel: Carlo Callieri, Peter G. Peterson, Norbert Walter
Chairman: Tiziano Treu
Keynote Speakers: Robert Blackwill, Andrea Mitchell