1990 Venice Workshop

Alternative Views on European Integration

Panel: Nino Andreatta, Peter Lilley

A Single Germany: the Political Consequences

Panel: Franco Maria Malfatti and Theo Sommer

One Currency for Europe?

Panel: Rudiger Dornbusch, Norbert Kloten, Rainer Masera

The Contribution of Western Europe to the Development of Eastern European Economies. Direct Investment, Trade and Technology Transfer

Panel: Cecilia Danieli, Carlo De Benedetti, Riccardo Perissich

American Perspectives on the New Europe

Panel: William Brock, Charles Conrad, Arthur Schlesinger

The Likely Impact of European Developments on the Relations between the US and Italy

Panel: Arrigo Levi and Helmut Sonnenfeldt
Keynote Speakers: Gianni Agnelli, Luigi Spaventa, and Robert Strauss