2012 Venice Workshop

The Euro Crisis
Panel: Peter Boone, Elmar Brok, Loukas Tsoukalis
Chair: Carlo Bastasin
Regulation of Financial Markets
Panel: Sheila Bair, Giovanni Carosio, Howard Davies
Chair: David W. Heleniak
The American Elections
Panel: Daniel Henninger, Neera Tanden
Chair: Marta Dassù

The French Elections

Panel: Gilles Briatta, Philip Stephens

The Future of Manufacturing in US and Europe

Panel: Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Roland Berger, Thomas J. Duesterberg
Chair: Jonathan Wolman
Keynote speakers: Richard Burt (Managing Director for Europe and Eurasia, McLarty Associates; former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs), Mario Monti (President of the Council of Ministers), and Ignazio Visco (Governor of the Bank of Italy).