James Gorman, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley

James Gorman and Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA and Chairman of the Council for the US and Italy

John Engler, President of The Business Roundtable

Ramesh Ponnuru, Mario Platero and Peter Beinart

Sergio Marchionne and the Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni

2015 US Biennal Conference

The New York Biennial Conference was held on Monday and Tuesday, February 9 and 10, 2015.
The keynote speaker of the opening dinner was James Gorman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley.
The next day, the Council merged its Biennial conference into the third annual Summit of the Italian Business and Investment Initiative. The event, with the title Italy: we are open for business” , was also organized in cooperation with Aspen Institute Italia and the Italian Embassy in Washington.
After the Summit, the Biennial Conference continued with a luncheon, where John Engler, President of the Business Roundtable, was the keynote speaker.
Two panel discussions followed, one on the post midterm-election scene and prospects in the United States, the other on major foreign policy issues. The panel “Post-Election Developments and Prospectives” consisted of Ramesh Ponnuru (Senior Editor, National Review) and Peter Beinart (Associate Professor of Journalism and Political Science, City University of New York). Fiona Hill and Martin Indyk (respectively, Director of the Center on the United States and Europe, and Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy at The Brookings Institution) participated in the panel “The Middle East and Russia” .
The luncheon and afternoon sessions were restricted to Council members and invitees.
Attendees included: Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni; US Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips; Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA and Chairman of the Council for the US and Italy; Sergio Dompé, President of Dompé Farmaceutici; Francesco Starace, CEO of ENEL; Luisa Todini, Chairwoman of Poste Italiane; Matteo Del Fante, CEO of Terna; Alessandro Castellano, CEO of SACE. Claudio Bisogniero, Italian Ambassador to the United States, also participated in the event.
The proceedings took place at the Bloomberg Group’s headquarters in Manhattan.