2002 US Biennal Conference

US Foreign Policy: Where Does Europe Fit In?

Speaker: Thomas Pickering

Prospects for the US Economy: End of the Boom?

Speaker: Martin Baily

Will the 2000 Elections Change Anything?

Speaker: E.J. Dionne, Jr
Keynote Speakers: Lamberto Dini and Lawrence Summers

A Constitution for Europe

Speaker: Giulio Tremonti

Business Perspectives on the Transatlantic Economic Relationship

Speaker: Thomas Niles
Chairman: Rainer Masera

US and EU Competition Policy

Panel: William Kolasky and Alexander Schaub
Chairman: Eleanor Fox

The Italian Economic Policy in the Changing Global Environment

Speaker: Domenico Siniscalco
Chairman: Jeffrey Shafer

Implications for Business of September 11 and its Aftermath

Panel: Robert Nardelli and Marco Tronchetti Provera
Chairman: Richard Grasso
Keynote Speaker: Rudolph Giuliani