Armando Varricchio, Timothy Adams, and Domenico Siniscalco

Marco Tronchetti Provera, and Gianni Riotta

Nando Pagnoncelli

Nando Pagnoncelli, Charles Kupchan, Giovanni Castellaneta, Gerard Baker

Federico Rampini and Ian Bremmer

Tom Ridge, Adam Posen, Federico Rampini, Fu Jun, Charles Kenny, and Arrigo Sadun

Domenico Siniscalco, Martin Chorzempa, Robert Kapito

Jim Rosenthal, Paola Severino, Alec Ross, Ari Wallach, and Claudia Biancotti

Dinner at the CFR, Harold Pratt House

Giancarlo Giorgetti

Steve Rubel, Maurizio Molinari, Gerard Baker, and Giovanna Pancheri

Maria Angela Zappia

Maria Angela Zappia, Davide Dattoli, Tom Glocer, Gianni Riotta, and Gioia Ghezzi

Paul Laudicina, Domenico Siniscalco, Martin Chorzempa, and Robert Kapito

2019 US Biennal Conference

The Workshop on “ITALY, US, EUROPE: A COMMON FUTURE” took place in New York February 28-March 2, 2019.
Welcome addresses were given besides from the Chairman Domenico Siniscalco, by Armando Varricchio (Ambassador of Italy to the US) and Lewis Eisenberg (US Ambassador to Italy).
Keynote speeches were delivered by Timothy Adams (President and CEO, Institute of International Finance) and Giancarlo Giorgetti (Under Secretary of State to the Prime Minister’s Office, Italy).
Marco Tronchetti Provera (Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Pirelli & Co, and Honorary Chairman, The Council for the United States and Italy) and Gianni Riotta (Executive Vice Chairman, The Council for the United States and Italy) launched the conference with a discussion on “The Future of Memory".
Maria Angela Zappia (Ambassador of Italy to the UN) spoke on “Strategic Priorities and Actions of Italy at the United Nations”.
The Workshop included six panels:
The End of Atlanticism? Europe and the US after the EU Elections: 
The panel was chaired by Gerard Baker (Editor at large, The Wall Street Journal).
Nando Pagnoncelli (Country Chairman, IPSOS) outlined voting trends in EU and Italy.
Giovanni Castellaneta (Chairman of the Board, Bizzi & Partners International) and Charles Kupchan (Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations) commented on the theme.
The Geopolitical and Economic Scenario: Outlook on Transatlantic Relations: 
Federico Rampini (Author and Columnist, La Repubblica). 
Ian Bremmer (President and Founder, Eurasia Group), Fu Jun (Professor, National School of Development and the School of Government; Academic Dean of Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, University of Beijing), Adam Posen (President, Peterson Institute for International Economics), Tom Ridge (Chairman, Ridge Global), and Arrigo Sadun (President and Founder, TLSG, International Advisors) offered their contributions to the discussion. 
Charles Kenny (Director of Technology and Development, Center for Global Development) focused his speech on “Is Globalization Still a Force for Good?”.
The Future of Finance: 
The panel was chaired by Domenico Siniscalco
Martin Chorzempa (Research Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics), Robert Kapito (President, Blackrock) and Paul Laudicina (Chairman, Global Business Policy Council, Chairman Emeritus, A.T. Kearney) addressed the group.
The Frontiers of Innovation: Cybersecurity and Its Enemies: 
The panel was chaired by Alec Ross (Visiting Professor, King’s College London). 
Claudia Biancotti (Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics), Jim Rosenthal (Chief Executive Officer, BlueVoyant), Paola Severino (Vice President, LUISS GUIDO CARLI) and Ari Wallach (Founder and Executive Director, Longpath; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University) addressed the group.
The Future of Media: 
The panel was chaired by Giovanna Pancheri (US & UN Correspondent, Sky Tg24). 
Gerard Baker (Editor at Large, The Wall Street Journal), Maurizio Molinari (Editor, La Stampa) and Steve Rubel (Chief Media Ecologist, Edelman) took part in the debate.
Towards a Better Future: Sustainability, Startup, Made in Italy, Trust:
The panel was chaired by Gianni Riotta.
Davide Dattoli (Founder & CEO, Talent Garden), Gioia Ghezzi (Chair, RGI Group) and Tom Glocer (Executive Chairman, BlueVoyant) shared their viewpoints.