2011 Washington Seminar

On Wednesday, November 30, the biennial seminar “The Transatlantic Agenda for 2012” took place in Washington. For the second time it was organized in cooperation with the Center on the United States and Europe of the Brookings Institution and with the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
The meeting, open to Council members and a few guests, was enriched by the keynote speeches by Sergio Marchionne at lunch and by Robert D. Hormats, US Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business, and Agricultural Affairs, at a dinner kindly hosted by the Italian Embassy.
The four sessions of the proceedings were devoted to:

The Rise of Populism and Its Impact on the Foreign Policy of the US and European Countries

Panel: Jim Hoagland; Dominique Reynié; Roberto Toscano
Chair: Fiona Hill

The American Political Scene One Year Before Elections

Panel: EJ Dionne; Vin Weber
Chair: Maurizio Molinari

The European Crisis and Its Impact on the Global Economy

Panel: Simon Johnson; Jacob F. Kirkegaard; Stefano Micossi
Chair: Moisés Naím

The United States in the World Economy

Panel: C. Fred Bergsten; Franco Bruni; Carmen M. Reinhart
Chair: Arrigo Sadun