Young Leaders Program

Created in 1984, the Young Leaders Program is the Council’s oldest and most regular program. Its main activity consists in conferences that bring together young people under 40 years of age (typically in their 30s) from all sectors – academia, business, government, media, nonprofit/nongovernmental – who have demonstrated a record of accomplishment, leadership qualities and potential for growth in their respective fields of activity to discuss a subject of common interest. The venues alternate between the United States and Italy, each time in a different city.

The participants number between 40 and 50, equally divided among the United States, Italy, and a group of other countries in Europe and elsewhere, whose composition takes into account the topic discussed and varies accordingly from year to year.

The purpose of the Young Leaders Conferences is to allow participants to gain new perspectives on issues of global relevance by exchanging and comparing knowledge and experience, as well as to create a network among emerging European and American leaders. The relationships among the alumni of the Program are constantly nourished through other events organized by the Council and through a newsletter devoted to them.

Alumni of the conferences, who now number over 800, include prominent leaders in the United States, Italy, and other countries, including past or present holders of positions of Prime Minister of Italy, President of Mexico, Members of the US Senate, the House of Representatives and the Italian Chamber of Deputies, American Ambassador to NATO, Italian Representative to the EU, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali, Chairman of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, CEO of Ferrari, Chairman of Tim, President of Eni and President of Bard College.