A group photo taken in Matera

2014 - 30th YLC – Matera, Italy

30th Young Leaders Conference, Matera, 2-4 ottobre 2014


“Culture, creativity and technology: How new tools and paradigms are bringing a new life to personal, political and business behavior”. In what ways are innovative digital technologies affecting the traditional sectors of culture, learning, business, politics? What consequences are these tools bringing in education, finance, interpersonal relations?

These were the themes at the 30th Young Leaders Conference, held on October 2 – 4, in Matera, in the southern Italian region of Basilicata.
From Italy, United States and other countries (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom), this year’s Young Leaders were managers, media professionals, public officials, academics, start up company entrepreneurs, experts in finance and international relations. A designer, a film maker and a choreographer were also present.
Prominent personalities from the world of business and culture enlivened the discussions. Lorenzo Bini Smaghi (YLP alumnus, former member of the board of governors of the European Central Bank, now Chairman of Snam) was the keynote speaker at the opening dinner, where a number of YLs from previous years were also present to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Program.
Paolo Verri (director of Comitato Matera 2019, and head of exhibition for the Italian Pavilion at EXPO 2015), Fabio Volpe (head of geospatial content evolution at e- GEOS), and Kimberly Bowes (director of the American Academy in Rome) addressed the participants.
Volpe described on how aerospace and defense are transforming cultural heritage, environmental protection and smart cities; Kimberly Bowes focused on ‘the case of Matera’ and talked about culture and tourism beyond the virtual. Verri gave an overview of the recent successful transformation of Matera, that has been recently awarded European Capital of Culture for 2019.
Generous support for the conference was provided by Comitato Matera 2019, Fiat - Chrysler, Enel, Bawer, Google and Generali.