The three "catalyzers": Carlotta De Franceschi, Andrew Klaber, Edoardo Campanella

Edoardo Campanella on Europe's elite brain drain

Ambassador Phillips delivering welcoming remarks

A group photo taken at Villa Taverna, residence of the Ambassador of the USA to Italy

2016 – Meeting for the Young Leaders Alumni and the Rockefeller Fellows

On April 14, the Council for the US and Italy held a meeting for its Young Leaders Alumni and a delegation of the Rockefeller Fellows of the Trilateral Commission, whose plenary session were scheduled in Rome on April 15-16. The Trilateral Commission – founded by David Rockefeller in 1973 – has, since 2013, created a fellowship that involves three regions (North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) from which 35 “young leaders” are selected to participate in plenary and regional meetings.

The event, organized by the Council, took place in the cinema room of Villa Taverna, residence of the American Ambassador in Rome, John Phillips, a past president of White House Fellows. The meeting topic was “Brain drain flow – Free flow of brains around the world. What are the lessons and the prospects? Should politics or corporations handle? And, if so, how?”.

Ambassador Phillips delivered welcoming remarks, followed by the ice-breaker comments of Andrew Klaber, Investor at Paulson & Co (2015 YL Alumnus and Rockefeller Fellow), Carlotta de Franceschi, former economic advisor for the Italian Prime Minister (2015 YL Alumna) and Edoardo Campanella, Eurozone Economist at UniCredit Bank and author of the article “Europe’s Lost Generation?” on Foreign Affairs, which opened the discussion.

About 60 among Young Leaders Alumni and Rockefeller Fellows from Italy, United States, Belgium, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain and South Korea, participated in the meeting sharing personal and professional experiences, analyzing challenges and opportunities, and debating the role that politics and/or corporations should play.