Joseph Aiello, Chairman of the Fiscal and Management Control Board, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Michelle Wu, President and Councilor At-Large of the Boston City Council

Paul Osterman, NTU Professor at Sloan School of Management of MIT

The group met Michael Dukakis, former Governor of MA and Presidential Candidate (1988), and his wife Kitty

Group photo outside of the Phototonics Center of the Boston University

2017 - 33rd YLC - Boston, US

The 33rd Young Leaders Conference took place in Boston on September 21-23, on the theme:
The Changing Nature of Work and its Implications for Individuals, Businesses, and Society / Politics
How will the nature of work change in the next decade? How will technological progress and new organizational practices, such as smart work, affect workflows? Is John Maynard Keynes’s prediction of rising unemployment due to technological progress becoming reality? What role will the State play on the labor market? What about institutions, entrepreneurs, unions, political forces? How are the lives of individuals changing? What about the entire society?

These are some of the themes the new YLC “class” discussed at this year’s conference, sharing ideas and professional experiences during the debates.
The meeting brought together 51 participants under 40 years of age, coming from Italy, United States, and 15 countries (Albania, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and United Kingdom).
Following the usual format, the conference was participant-driven, but it also featured the speeches of Michael Dukakis (Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Northeastern University and Former Governor of Massachusetts), Paul Osterman (NTU Professor, Sloan School of Management, MIT), Michelle Wu (President and Councilor At-Large, Boston City Council) and Joseph Aiello (Chairman, Fiscal and Management Control Board, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority), who gave interesting perspectives either on the theme or on Boston and stimulated the discussions.
The conference was organized thanks to the support of Google, Goodwin, Shearman & Sterling, Roy A. Hunt Foundation, as well as the Young Leaders Alumni Fund.