... as well as NOI Techpark, a business incubator for start-ups, workplaces, laboratories

Young Leaders visit Trentino Development Agency and Polo Meccatronica...

The presentations, chairing of the sessions and the discussions take place among the participants

A key feature of the conference is that it's participant-driven

Young Leaders 2018 bubble up during the opening visit to Cantine Ferrari

At Trento and Bolzano, 50 bright minds discuss IDENTITY on the personal, economic, political and social spheres

2018 - 34th YLC - Trento & Bolzano, Italy

On September 27-29, 2018 the 34th Young Leaders Conference brought together in Trento and Bolzano a select group of promising young professionals, under 40 years of age, coming from Italy, United States, and 13 other countries (China, Colombia, Germany, India, Japan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Russia, Spain, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, and United Kingdom).

Participants were chosen on the basis of their record of accomplishment, leadership qualities, and growth potential in their respective fields of endeavor, which span from academia and business to government, media, and nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations.

This year’s theme was “Identity and development: Asset or Obstacle?

Over the three-day Conference, the Young Leaders delved into identity, a central theme of debate in many countries as well as the theme of a recent wave of books and publications. Participants discussed the fundamental role of identity in the geopolitical field, for instance focusing on how anti-globalization movements prioritizing local identities are affecting the economic and political systems of our societies, and how the latter might handle these new challenges.

The topic chosen for the discussion is not the only peculiar trait of this Program: a key feature of the Young Leaders Conference is that it is participant-driven. Except for the dinners and luncheon speeches, the presentations, chairing of the sessions, and the discussions are run by participants.
There was no shortage of side-event activities, in the belief that cultural visits, meetings with experts and local representatives, as well as convivial moments are the glue for long-lasting relationships.

Both at Trento and Bolzano, the Young Leaders met several representatives of the Trentino and South Tyrol’s innovation centers (Progetto Manifattura and NOI Techpark), which aim at boosting innovation potential, supporting local businesses in research and development, internationalizing business networks, creating attractive jobs and attracting highly qualified talents.

The debates were nurtured by the speeches of the President of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Arno Kompatscher, Trentino’s Director of International Relations, Raffaele Farella, the Rectors of the Universities of Trento, Paolo Collini, and Bolzano, Paolo Lugli, former Minister of Education, Francesco Profumo, the heads of Sparkasse, Gerhard Brandstätter and Nicola Calabrò, an Alumnus of the program, and Ferrari-Trento President and Alumnus, Matteo Lunelli. Bernhard Schweitzer, CEO of Schweitzer Group, and Enrico Domenici, President and CEO of COSBI (a joint research center between Microsoft and University of Trento) also addressed the group.

Furthermore, the Council organized two special events at the end of the formal proceedings. Hosted by Schweitzer Group, the Young Leaders engaged in a cooking workshop, where they all prepared traditional South Tyrolean dishes.

On Sunday 30th, they met Reinhold Messner, climber, photographer, director, writer and former Member of the European Parliament, who welcomed them at his Mountain Museum.  
Messner encouraged the Young Leaders to pursue their goals with courage and willpower and to accept failure as an unavoidable part on the path leading to success.

All the Young Leaders of this conference now become Council YL Alumni. Relations among themare nourished through events organized by the Council, both in Italy and in the United States. Alumni receive a biannual dedicated newsletter and have privileged channels for Council initiatives. They enjoy the benefits of a restricted area of our website and remain a focus of our social media efforts.

Special thanks goes to the supporters of this YLC: Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano, Sparkasse, Schweitzer, Itas Mutua, I.F.I Group, Avio, Shearman&Sterling, Ferrari-Trento and the Italian State Railways Company, Ferrovie dello Stato.