2009 - Meeting with Tommaso Padoa Schioppa

On Monday, May 18, the US and Italian alumni of the Council's Young Leaders Program met in a videoconference kindly hosted by Assonime in Rome and by Jones Day in New York. The guest speaker was Professor Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, former Italian Minister of Economy and Finance.
The discussion focussed on the issues dealt with in his recently published book "La veduta corta" (The Short Sight). Written in the form of a conversation with the journalist Beda Romano, Padoa Schioppa’s book ranges from the causes of the economic “earthquake” and the illusions and shortsightedness that , to potential economic and political developments in Europe and globally.
His introduction was followed by a general discussion involving alumni in New York and Rome. Matt Kaminski of the Wall Street Journal (YLC Torino 2008) was the respondent.