Meeting with Maurizio Sacconi

Maurizio Sacconi, Minister of Labour and Social Policies, visited Washington on April 20, 2010, to attend the G-20 Labour Ministerial Meeting, which had been convened at the Italian government’s initiative to consider how governments could address at best the challenges of preserving jobs and protecting worker interests while facing the economic crisis.  On that occasion the Council organized an informal discussion with Minister Sacconi, at which he described the work of the labour ministers and offered his views on the significance and implications of this process.  In doing so, he described the Italian model of welfare and social security, in particular the policies and actions of the Italian government aimed at maintaining and creating new employment, preparing the workforce to meet the demands of the evolving global economy, providing adequate income support, and strengthening social protection systems.   
The meeting was held at the Brookings Institution and co-sponsored by Brookings’ Center on the United States and Europe.  It was moderated by Michael Calingaert, Executive Vice President of the Council and Visiting Scholar at the Center.  In attendance were representatives from academia, international institutions, the private sector and think tanks, as well as Italian Ambassador Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata.