Head of Communications

Dennis Redmont

Dennis Redmont heads the Communications, Media and Development sector of the Rome-based Council for the United States and Italy.

Born in the United States, schooled in the French Lycée, and graduated with honors from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Redmont joined the Associated Press in New York and became the agency’s youngest correspondent in Lisbon, Portugal in 1965.

During his career, he reported from over 80 countries, before working as a Rome-based executive for the AP for the Mediterranean area, handling news, photos, television and multimedia coverage and distribution for over 25 years.

Fluent in six languages, he has written for magazines and other periodicals besides broadcasting for public and private television networks, commenting on such subjects as European politics and culture and the US presidential elections.

He is also a senior executive adviser for Edelman. Recognizing his career achievements, Columbia University’s alumni awarded him the Distinguished Alumni Prize in 2005, citing his “even-handed, unbiased and thorough coverage”.

In 1983 he won one of Italy’s most prestigious prizes, the Carlo Casalegno award for distinguished journalism for coverage of Italy and the Vatican, granted for the first time to a foreign news professional.

In 1978 he was Pulitzer Prize finalist for his Vatican and papal coverage. In 1995 he received the President of the Republic’s medal of the International Prize Ultimo Novecento for the most outstanding foreign correspondent.

He is the coauthor of Mass media and New Europe, (Mondadori 2007). He was also the Italian adaptor of various editions of the famous “Trivial Pursuit” game. He is adjunct professor at the RAI (public broadcasting) Graduate School of Journalism in Perugia and at Il Sole 24 Ore’s Business School in Rome and Milan.